We get asked lots of questions from people who have never done a triathlon before and we are always happy to hear from you – hopefully we can reassure you before the big day! Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get about triathlons and the Eastbourne Triathlon. Please feel free to leave a comment or email richie@beyondgoinglong.co.uk if you don’t see the question or answer you are looking for.

Can anyone enter the Eastbourne Triathlon?

Yes (minimum age 16)! All levels of ability and fitness, from first timers to elites are welcome at the Eastbourne Triathlon. If this is your first event and you are worried about doing it wrong or any aspect of the event itself then please be assured that this is a friendly, welcoming and fun new sport for you and we are delighted that you have chosen us. We will support you along the way. There is no doubt that triathlon is a physical challenge, and the Eastbourne Triathlon includes some hills and a sea swim, but with a bit of training and a generally healthy lifestyle all should be able to complete the Eastbourne Triathlon.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Most triathletes do wear a wetsuit and this is for several reasons. First of all it can keep you warm in the swim and second, you will notice that you are likely to be faster than in a wetsuit than without! Primarily a wetsuit is there to keep you warm but it also keeps you buoyant, which helps you move through the swim quicker and also saves your legs for the cycle and run sections. There is lots of advice out there about which wetsuits you can buy and we would recommend you contact The Tri Store for more information, to purchase or rent a wetsuit. There are always a few who go without so if you are feeling brave…

Remember there are rules about wetsuits according to the water temperature:

<14°C – Wetsuits manadatory

14°C – 21.9°C – Optional but recommended

>22°C – Wetsuits banned

A final temperature check will be made on the morning of the race and do keep an eye on our website and Facebook page in race week where we will give weather updates. It is likely that due to the time of year the water is set to be on the colder side of this range so a wetsuit is strongly advised or you may risk disappointment if the referees deem it wetsuit compulsory. 

What bike do I need?

You can use (almost) any bike as long as it is road safe. The rules of triathlon prohibit fixies (and a future rule means that folding bikes cannot be used) but if you have any questions or worries about the suitability of your bike do not hesitate to contact us. Most people will use a road or racing bike as these are the fastest bikes and whilst it is true there are some super bikes out there, you can also buy them brand new for just a few hundred pounds. If you are planning to do the Eastbourne Triathlon on your mountain bike or commuters bike and are worried that you will look silly, please do not worry and be assured that you are not the only one! Rich, the Race Director, did his first ever triathlon on a mountain bike and was hooked! If you would like any advice on buying the right bike then we would recommend that you contact The Tri Store or Brighton Bike Fit. Don’t forget your helmet!

I’ve entered but I can no longer race – can I get a refund? 

No, unfortunately as  we are unable to offer a refund or transfer. Please read our withdrawal and refunds policy. We hate this part of event organising but have to be fair to all who enter. If you contact us we will try to find a resolution but we are unable to offer a refund.