Race Day Instructions


Race Day Instructions

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British Triathlon Rules

Please be aware that this event is held under British Triathlon rules. If this is your first triathlon then please listen to any instruction given by the referee or race director. These rules are here to ensure you have a safe race and not meant to impede your fun! The key rules will be explained at the race briefing and do ask any questions either at the brief, registration or even during the race if you are unsure. You can familiarise yourself with the rules here: http://www.britishtriathlon.org/britain/documents/about/competition_rules.pdf


Triathlon Cut-off Times

For safety reasons, there is a 10am cut-off time for the bike/run transition. Competitors who don’t reach the transition by 10am will not be allowed to continue on the run course but can cross the finish line and collect a swim/bike time and memento.

An official will notify you if you have not met the cut off time.

Chip Collection

Timing chips will be distributed  at registration. Timing chips should be attached to the LEFT ankle.

Once in your possession, the chip is your responsibility until you hand it back at the finish line. Due to the costs of the technology, there will be a £20 charge if you lose your timing chip.

Team members must wait for their teammates at their numbered rack within the transition to hand over the timing band. Remember you are responsible to make sure you are in the transition area at the right time to meet your team members.

Body Marking

Body marking will be located outside the transition area. Your race number will be stamped on the front of your hand, and calf.

Baggage Storage

There will be no secure baggage storage on site. A tent will be erected that is not secured for baggage drop off and it will not be secure. Baggage is left at your own risk. It is recommended that you leave nothing of value in the baggage storage. The organisers are not liable for loss or damage of any possessions as per our terms and conditions.

After the Race

Participants wearing official race wristbands may remove equipment from the transition area after the last biker has left. Announcements will be made from the Race Village when it is possible to do so.


Recovery food will be available for competitors only after the event. There will also be food and drink available to purchase in the event village for competitors and spectators.

Results and photos

Results and photos will be posted on the website immediately after the race. An email will be sent to all competitors notifying them of the results

Prize giving

Prizes and awards will be made once all the results have been confirmed by the Race Director and the race referees at the soonest opportunity.