Partially closed-roads confirmed for the bike leg

We have an exciting announcement!

I can confirm that the Eastbourne Triathlon will have a partially closed-road course for the bike section in our 2017 event. 

Behind the scenes we have been working with the organisers of the Eastbourne Cycling Festival on a collaboration that allows us to include a partially closed road cycle course. This is a really unique opportunity as not many events have closed roads and is not to be missed.

Closed road sections in triathlon are extremely rare due to the cost and investment required to include them. We will be borrowing the road closure infrastrcture from the cycling festival which has enabled this exciting development. There is no extra cost to those who have already entered. We will not be increasing our entry fee.

We will be running the triathlon during the Eastbourne Cycling Festival, so the closed roads do not impact on local residence any more than they would have anyway, because of the cycling festival.

Closed road cycle sections allow you to race like a pro, traffic free. 

This means that the cycle course will be changing from the one which has been advertised to accommodate the closed circuit.

The closed section includes a stretch along the promenade and a circuit that will take you around and into the transition zone. This means you will no longer be taken along King’s Road Esplanade to the Sovereign Roundabout. You will no longer have to worry about the pelican crossings which could interupt your race.

It does mean that the cycle course will now be 20km rather than 25km.

We will be updating the website shortly with the new cycle course but if you have any questions or concerns before then please do not hesitate to contact us.